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Nakamura Ryu Battodo

Nakamura Ryu Battodo is a pragmatic, basics-oriented sword style created in 1953 by Nakamura Taisaburo to teach the spirit of the Japanese sword in modern times. Nakamura sensei was inspired by the eight flowing strokes of Chinese calligraphy and the techniques of Toyama Ryu Battojutsu. The style teaches the fundamental principles of the Japanese sword found in Kendo, Iaido, and tameshigiri (cutting with a real sword).

pair kata practice
Image © 2017 by Desmond Johnson

Nakamura Ryu is a compact art with 30 kata at its core, including 6 kumitachi kata practiced in pairs. Its techniques are straightforward. The style emphasizes development of superb basics and a strong attacking spirit. Nakamura Ryu only includes standing techniques, because Nakamura sensei found that these were the most practical in modern times.

Nakamura Ryu practice also includes shizan (tameshigiri or practice cutting), using rolled soaked tatami mats as targets. The purpose of cutting practice is to develop effective cutting technique with good grip and correct circular cutting motions. Nakamura sensei taught that kata and cutting should be done with the same spirit and technique.

Image © 2017 by Desmond Johnson

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